Be patient

Starting in autumn 2017, will defend small takeaways against the takeaway platform monopolies.

What we do.

Many takeaway restaurants feel being held hostage of delivery platforms.  Commissions are steadily increasing, and takeaways are forced to accept best price clauses which kill any competition between platforms. helps takeaways to sell more and to pay less commissions to platforms.


In close cooperation with your local web/IT partner and service providers will offer easy and affordable solutions for takeaways:
– sell more through your direct sales channels
– pay less commissions to the large delivery platforms
– reduce dependency from delivery platforms


Restaurants and takeaways prefer cooking to web and technology. We work closely with local restaurant  partners to bridge the technology gap and let restaurateurs to what they like and do best: Cooking and good customer service.

if you work with local restaurants, join the network: Find new clients. And serve your restaurant clients better. And faster. Find out more soon.