Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions can be revised at any time without prior notice. By using this website you agree to these terms and conditions.

The website (eat.eu) is operated by TP1 s.p.r.l., rue Le Corrège 29 B-1000 Brussels, Company Number: BE-879.869.875.

The website does not offer any delivery services itself, it helps users to find restaurants and delivery services which in turn will have their own terms and conditions for the contracts concluded between them and their clients.

Completeness of the data.

Eat.eu aims to provide a concise and complete up to date listing of restaurants and food delivery places. While care is taken in establishing this listing, no guarantee is taken that this information is complete and/or correct. Users are using the information at their own risk and are invited to report errors and omissions thought the contact page.

Liability and Indemnities:

As regards the free service, TP1 s.p.r.l. declines all liability for the correctness and completeness off the data. Should the competent courts decide that TP1 sprl eat.eu is liable for the content, any indemnity is limited to lower of the two amounts: 50 € or the proven amount of damage suffered. In addition, indemnities for any legal costs of third parties are not covered if those have occurred without trying to reach an agreement on the subject matter without involving a lawyer.

TP1 explicitly declines all responsibility for comments made by user through their facebook accounts.

As regards premium services to restaurants, the liability is, unless stated differently in the bilateral contract, to twice the amount of the yearly invoice for such service.


Users may leave comments on restaurants via their facebook account. Those comments are in the sole responsibility of the users leaving the comments and eat.eu declines all responsibility for those comments. eat.eu will hide or delete inappropriate comments, including but not limited to comments likely to constitute manipulation efforts or comments not related to the evaluation of a restaurant and its services offered. By leaving a comment you agree that eat.eu may remove those comments at its own discretion. If you do not agree to this, do not leave comments.


The website and the information gathered is the property of TP1 s.p.r.l. and protected by copyright laws. The website and the content may be used as for personal use as an information resource. The reproduction or republications of the content in any form, partly or in total, is prohibited, unless TP1 give a written approval prior to the use. For personal non-commercial reasons, private individuals may copy extracts of text no more than 400 words and the eat.eu logo in total on their blogs, facebook profiles etc. while acknowledging the source.

The logos of restaurants and screen shots from websites are typically property of those websites. Should a restaurant not wish to be listed on eat.eu or wish its logo to be removed, please contact eat via the contact page.

This website is provided on an as is basis.


eat.eu provides a substantial number of links to third parties’ websites. Eat.eu is not responsible for the content on those websites. Eat.eu aims to provide complete lists of relevants food deliveries and restaurants. However, eat.eu reserves the right to remove restaurants in its own discretion if eat.eu considers the link is not appropriate. There is no right for restaurants to be listed on eat.eu, the listing are done in its TP1’s sole discretion.

Legal considerations.

TP1 s.p.r.l is a registered Belgian limited liability company.

The contact details are:

TP1 s.p.r.l doing business, amongst others, under the name eat.eu

rue d’Ecosse 58

B-1060 Brussels

Phone: +32.486.823740

Email: info {@)} eat eu or via our contact form.

The relevant jurisdiction is Belgium, the relevant court the court of Brussels.

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